Terrible Twos And Terrible Threes

Interview with a Child Behavior Specialist

Yesterday I had an appointment with Chris Thompson to talk about his successful method on how to deal with behavior problems in children like the terrible twos and terrible threes. Chris talks with great enthusiasm about his new book and corresponding audio book, Talking To Toddlers, in which he marries his long-time love for hypnosis and speech language patterns with communication and applies them to talking to children.

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How it all started:

After seeing a hypnotize performance by Mike Mandel in January Chris was astonished by the authenticity and an immediate curiosity about “How” and “Why” was triggered. From that day on Chris never missed another performance of Mandel when he was in town during his university days.
After getting his degree he started to work as a financial analyst, researcher and writer. But whenever he had a spare moment he tried to keep up pursuing his hobby of hypnosis and language patterns and became a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.terrible twos

Chris always knew that when he grew up he wanted to have children and be a father. When he was younger he lived with his loving parents and two siblings. The roles his parents used where very traditional; His father was the breadwinner and his mother worked partly outdoors and took most of the care of the children on her.

He finds himself blessed to have both of his parents in his ‘day to day’ from an early stage. This way of growing up in a loving family was the base of his desire to have a family of his own. Chris married his long-time girlfriend and after a little while they got two daughters which were born just a few years apart.

Being a father comes natural for Chris. I can see his love and adoration for his girls when a big smile appears on his face when talking about them. His three women means the world to him, this is why he decided, after reading Tim Ferriss’s “The Four Hour Work Week”, to make a life changing decision what could make him be more physically present in their lives.

With full confidence and support of his wife he resigned his job in financial services and started making his book and audio-version downloads “Talking to toddlers”. And if we can rely on the reviews it is already a big success in Australia!

Talking To Toddlers is broken down into short segments with accompanying homework assignments. The modules walk parents through different techniques used to anticipate and diffuse tantrums as well as foster independence and responsibility. Consistency and Commitment is a chapter dedicated to endearing children and taking time to make them feel as a true part of the family. This philosophy could sound like something out of an Alyson Shafer book, which is no coincidence. Thompson admires Shafer as a great parenting expert.

The chapters that spoke to me the most are “Saying No” and “Think Outside The Box”, they challenged my thinking and made me take pause. Saying No incite parents to count how often they say “no” in a day and evaluate how many of those times it was for a life-and-death situation. I feel embarrassed to say that Thompson was bang-on when he called me out as being “lazy”. Since that moment, I have made a true effort of not saying “no” all of the time. I try to rephrase my sentences, I take more time to explain or I offer an alternative. The chapter “Think Outside The Box” premises finding creative alternatives, Thompson offers many (amusing) examples that are just as fun for the child as it is for you.

After trying Chris Thompson’s method I can really recommend any parent struggling with the Terrible Twos or Terrible Threes to try the effective Talking to Toddlers method! You can find the official website here!


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